Retherm helps to save the environment!

Throughout the month of October we have been helping to save the environment by giving a treat to every one of our customers who have an installation this month.


Our customers are able to plant this tree where they wish to help to save the environment. These trees will then grow and attract wildlife of different kinds from butterflies to squirrels. We have been offering different varieties of trees to our customers this month from Field Maples to Hawthorns, Rowan and Common Alders. Please see below to read more about these wonderful trees.

Field Maple Facts

  • A Field Maple is a common small tree that is often found in the woodland area.
  • The field Maple is a great tree for wildlife as the small flowers that can be seen are a treat for bee's and insects. Also, the seeds from the tree are eaten by woodland mammals such as wood mice.
  • In the autumn season the Field Maple leaves will clear yellow in color and sometimes flushed red as well.

Hawthorn Facts

  • A Hawthorn is one of the most common trees which is mostly found in hedgerows and woodlands throughout Britain.
  • They flower in the spring, where red berries are produced and contain the right nutrients for birds which makes them a good food source.

Rowan Facts

  • A Rowan is a slender tree with silvery, brown bark , creamy-white flowers and autumn berries.
  • These clusters of flowers are followed by the red autumn berries which can be used to make jelly that's if the birds don't beat you to them first.

Alder Facts 

  • The alder tree is a native tree of Britain but can also be found throughout Europe as far as Siberia.
  • These trees can usually be found around wet land such as marshes and stream sides.