Why We Love Solar (And You Should, Too!)

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Over the past 6 months leading up to September 2016, Solar Panels have generated more electricity in the United Kingdom than coal. According to a new analysis, nearly 6,964 (5.4%) Gigawatt hours of electricity between April and September. That is 10% more than coal has generated which was 6,342 (4.7%) Gigawatt hours during the same period of time.


The Rhug Estate Solar PV 2016

The Rhug Estate Solar PV 2016

It all started one day in April, when more electricity was produced by solar panels than by coal, this carried on into the month of May. With coal producing zero power for the 1st time in over 100 years.

“This new data shows its popularity amongst homeowners and businesses and its falling costs. Now that we have a significant global and domestic industry, solar is one of the cheapest forms of power."

James Court - Renewable Energy Association

Source - Independent

Written by - Jessica Mace