Technical Support: 

Any system that is installed by Retherm within our warranty period comes with the peace of mind of phone technical support We realise that you may have a problem or wish to discuss a setting on your system, you can also call us to book an engineers visit. If you need to speak to an engineer we will get one to call you as soon as they are free. 

A modern property may use a variety of technologies to produce the energy required for modern living. It then becomes unclear who to call if on the odd occasion you may have a problem or wish to discuss a setting on your system. You are able to call us during office hours and we will try to answer your query.



In the unlikely event that your heat pump is not working correctly, please read the following solutions.

Q. Is the machine on?

A. If not please check the on/off switch on the machine. If this is on please check the power supply.

Q. Is there an alarm code on the display?

A. Please note this code and then switch off the machine. After 5 minutes wait please switch on the machine. This may clear the alarm and restore normal service.

Q. Is the heating pressure gauge low?

A. Top up the system as you would with any heating system.

Q. Is there hot water but the house is cold?

A. This is likely to be because it is warm outside and the heat pump has switched to summer mode. Your landlord can change this setting.

Q. Radiators are cold at the top?

A. Bleed the radiators as you would with any heating system.