The benefits

Our experience has shown that our clients approach us looking for a variety of benefits. We are proud of the fact that we review all projects on an individual basis and aim to achieve a solution which works well for our customers. Some of the most common benefits experienced by people installing renewable systems from Retherm are listed below. Depending on the type of system installed you will achieve some or all of these benefits.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Climate change and dwindling natural resources are just two of the reasons that using renewable methods to produce energy are so important. Quite simply a heat pump or a solar system converts energy from the sun to energy that we can use in our homes. There is no need to damage our environment as there are efficient alternatives. At Retherm our experts are also very much in to using waste energy. Our MVHR system and our highly efficient hot water cylinder use waste hot air that would normally be dumped outside by a fan. Help to save the environment and help to reuse waste energy by talking to our experts about your individual needs.

2. Save Money

Many of our systems will help you to reduce the ever increasing costs of providing energy for today’s property. A heat pump can help reduce heating costs whilst solar PV will reduce your electricity bill. With the implementation of the RHI and the Feed in Tariff not only can you save money but you can earn money too. Often we have seen a return on investment towards double figures. There are also some technologies which benefit from the premium payment scheme that offers an upfront grant towards the cost of installation.

3. Comfortable Home Environment

A heat pump system provides a level of comfort second to none. With its array of sensors the heat pump monitors the environment within your home and strives to achieve the level of comfort you require, Imagine no time clocks, no house being suddenly hot then suddenly cold and best of all you can set the system to suit your lifestyle, even telling it you have gone on holiday. There are additional benefits of adding an underfloor heating system, a lack of radiators using wall space being the most obvious. Our MVHR systems create the feeling of fresh air all of the time with none of the draughts associated with opening windows. For anybody suffering with allergies we can add filters which will help to purify the air once again helping towards a better living environment.

4. Minimum Maintenance

When we initially select a manufacturer to work alongside our engineers carefully examine their products for quality, longevity and the guarantees offered. Therefore most of our systems require very little maintenance and due to their quality have a long life expectancy. A heatpump should last between 15 and twenty years with some lasting as long as 27 years. Our solar PV products have life expectancies of over 20 years and as a major installer of renewable systems we are able to offer warranty extensions from most manufacturers giving that added peace of mind.

5. Ease of Installation

Benefiting from our vast experience of fitting renewable technologies we are ideally qualified to ensure that your installation is carried out with the minimum of disruption. Our engineers will work with your contractors to ensure everything is fitted according to plan. Where Retherm are carrying out the full installation our engineers will explain the whole process to you and will carry out the installation as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is particularly important if we are disconnecting an existing system.